Just made the obligatory hurried and financially irresponsible Cyber Monday purchase. Feeling good.

RT @Tealsharkie: I’m really creeped out by this A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special. Nothing makes sense. Did Tim Burton produce this?

"Ghoul-dust"- @NickGuizio

Hey @bertkreischer come over to jakes. We wanna drink with the machine!

For years I thought ‘hostel’ was just ‘hotel’ spelled incorrectly.

Churchill’s 10 year Tawny

Fuck all ya’ll! I love this weather. I wish it was 20 degrees hotter!!! Bring it on!!!!! Right @timhry ???

Mr Dylan’s Visions of Johanna is carrying me down Bleecker Street. It’s gonna be a good day friends.

This truck is about to get jacked http://lockerz.com/s/117308459